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Because we do not take excellence for granted, and because we deeply cherish and respect our clients’ confidence in us, we have been working truthfully hard to make our Venture Gulf Engineering W.L.L., (VGE) a premier business house in the state of Qatar, involved in multidisciplined activities geared towards meeting the demands of a select market. While evolving into a dynamic group of companies, we instilled a work culture that values dynamism, innovation, professionalism, technical competence and teamwork to achieve the success we strive.

Venture Gulf Engineering W.L.L., (VGE) covers a broad range of activities in the areas of power and water, engineering, oil and gas, trading, construction, security - telecommunications and safety, media and marketing, car rental, metalrecycling and metallurgy catering to the requirements of the state of Qatar and the neighboring gulf countries.

Venture Gulf Engineering W.L.L., (VGE) has emerged over the years into a company, which encompasses many related industries interlinked to form a strong economic nucleus conforming to todays’s fluctuating market activity, aiming at offering services and products that are by all means up to the highest international standards, reflecting the true image that we want to inculcate in our esteemed clientele.

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
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Built on safe and stable grounds, Venture Gulf Engineering W.L.L., (VGE) has been able to master the technical expertise that allows it to offer its keenly sought products and services that meet the high standards and specification set in the industry. We have selected a highly skilled team of people who have years of experience in their respective fields to serve in the best way ever our clients who entrusted us. And instead of resting on our laurels, we at Venture Gulf Engineering W.L.L., (VGE) are constantly updating our skill sets, so that we are at the forefront of the fast changing world of technology. We are constantly striving to meet the needs and wants of client’s at the most competent price, without compromising on quality or deadline.

Venture Gulf Engineering W.L.L., (VGE) is committed to providing top-notch customer care by using state-of-the-art technology via a well-trained workforce ably guided by a resourceful management team.

We are determined to remain ahead of competition by continuously in all the fields we represent by introducing patented products and technologies and by introducing the best available products.

  Vice Chairman & Chief Operating Officer