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Fully equipped purpose-built workshop to undertake design, manufacture, testing, painting, and certification of offshore and onshore steel structure to BS/AWS/AISC/other international standards/customer requirements. Fabrication shop undertake manufacture of offshore containers and baskets to latest edition of DNVGL-ST-E271/ISO10855, storage tank to API650, pressure vessels to ASME Sec VIII Div1 and BS5500, steel skids for various equipments, overhead crane, lifting beam and other building & industrial plant structures. Specialist services like proof load testing, refurbishment & re-certification of offshore containers & lifting gears, protective painting and NDE services both in house and on project site are provided by this division. All types of standard offshore containers to DNV2.7-1 available on a long /short term rental basis.


• Offshore Containers & Baskets to latest edition of EN12079/DNV 2.7.1
• Storage Tanks to API650
• Pressure Vessel to ASME Sec VIII Div1 and BS5500
• Steel Skids for various equipment’s
• Overhead Cranes
• Lifting beams
• Pipelines Fabrication & Installation works


• Offshore Containers and Basket to EN12079/DNV 2.7.1
• Structural steel to BS, AISC, AWS & API
• Pressure vessel to ASME VIII Div 1, BS 5500
• Storage tanks to API 650
• As per customer specific design requirement


• Professional Manpower Supply - Offshore / Onshore
• Proof Load Testing
• Refurbishment of offshore containers & Lifting gears
• Re-certification of offshore containers & Lifting gears
• NDE services (In-house & Project Site)
• IMDG Inspection Services of Portable Offshore Tanks


• Offshore Containers
• Baskets


In line with our expanding strategies, we have established our Mechanical Support Services to address the retrofitting and testing needs of valve population, bolting services like tensioning and torquing in the oil and gas, power and petrochemical industries.


This section is synergic expansion of our API valve servicing and retrofitting activities catering to address the process industry valves and also to supplement the demand of API valves service team with the addition of resources both skilled technicians and equipments. However, API valve servicing will continue to be handled by API product service team.

The services include but not limited to,
• Repair Services of Rotating and Static Mechanical equipments.
• Repair services in our facility - Over hauling of manual, safety, control valves and accessories
• Repair services in remote location (through mobile shop) - Over hauling of manual, safety, control valves and accessories
• Supply of valve technicians to client location both onshore and offshore

As a part of the growing strategy we have also expanded our horizons & have already established association with some of the leading valve companies like GWC Valves International (Ball, Gate, Globe, Check and Butterfly valves - USA), Galli & Cassina (Plug Valves - Italy), Stream Flo Industries Limited (ESD & Well Head Products), QTRCO-SG (Pneumatic Actuators) for their Products and Services in Qatar.


To address the need for professional bolting services, We support the market requirement
of torquing and tensioning of bolts of flanged joints during erection,testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning, shutdown maintenance and turn around operations

The services include but not limited to,
• Provision of trained and competent manpower for performing various on site activities
  like bolting, tensioning, flange repair against call off contracts and secure projects
• Hire of bolt torque / tension equipments
• Hire of flange spreaders and nut splitters
• Sales of bolt torque tools, tensioning tools, flange spreaders and nut splitters
• Technical support / consultancy for leaking joints
• Engineering & Design support for bolt load
• calculations, flange stress analysis


To broaden the service provided to the Oil and Gas industries, we have included the chemical tank cleaning process to our activity wing. The ranges of tanks we cover are Jet Fuel Tank, MEG (Mono Ethylene Glycol), TEG (Try Ethylene Glycol) and Batch Tank, other chemical tanks.

Post cleaning services include external and internal inspection, pressure testing of relief valves, level indicators and gauges and pressure testing of tanks.
We also carry out third party inpection and certification as per the clients inspection procedures.