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Recently, the Indian Embassy in Doha, Qatar, in conjunction with the Indian Community Benevolent Forum (ICBF) and Venture Gulf Engineering, sponsored the "Special Consular Camp" in Al Khor.

“It initially started with the laborers because there are many people coming from the company who wants to fix their documents. So that is where the idea starts”, said Ziad Usman, President of ICBF.


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As part of the event, the organizers demonstrated their initiative to assist laborers and Indians living in the area with obtaining documents like renewal of passports and getting police clearances without having to go to Doha


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According to Vinod Nair, Vice-President of ICBF, “The main purpose of the event is to reach out to people (blue collar employees) where they are. Going to Doha will spend them 200 QR, here they will not spend a single penny in transportation because it’s already here.”

The event was highly successful because many people completed all their documents and were satisfied with the outcome.“This one saves time and effort. This is a great initiative”, added Manish Dusi, a satisfied employee who got his passport renewed.


 In the near future, the organizers hope to host more events like this one to benefit not only laborers living far away from Doha but also other communities and sectors in Qatar.